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        Kathleen Arthur is an established American artist known for her abstract realism style of figure and portrait painting. Her You Go, Girl project is a popular collection of faceless women all dressed up, often in juxtaposition to the tasks they are performing. The figures are given double entendre titles denoting a wide range of personality characteristics seen in women. In this collection, the clothes and accessories define the characters.

        Arthur began private art lessons at the young age of 6 and continued to study under Nationally known artist Margaret Hand. She then enjoyed a 30-year career as an Official Court Reporter in Federal and State Courts, during which time she reported over 4,000 trials verbatim, including a few notorious trials from which TV episodes and books have been written. She says that she's "heard it all" and that truth really is stranger than fiction.

        After retirement Arthur decided to return to her much slower-paced art studio. She has written and illustrated two health-related books for children and one visual development book for babies. Her book "Horace Henway Raises A Stink" was a number one seller under the category of peer pressure on Amazon, and her book "Horace Henway Brushes It Off" was a Mom's Choice gold recipient. Her books have been distributed in underserved areas of Arizona, Title 1 schools, the Children's Museum of Phoenix and Tucson, and to Boys and Girls Clubs across the state. Her artwork has been called uplifting and humorous, and she says that she is motivated simply by watching people smile when viewing her art. She is currently represented by The Tucson Gallery.

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